We offer image vectorization.  The cost for this service is $14 or $18 depending on the complexity of the artwork that you have supplied.  We also to special request artwork.  The cost for this will be quoted out to you prior to the completion of the job.

We offer embroidery digitizing.  The cost for this service is: $15 for images under 4,000 stitches, $30 for left chest and hat logos that are 4,000 stitches or greater, and $80 for jacket back logos regardless of the total amount of stitches.

We offer Custom Hand Drawn Illustrations.  The cost for this service is different for every job.  No two pieces of artwork are the same, thus the cost for production will not be the same.  Please go to our site and view the system flow chart to fully understand how it works, it is really quite simple.


  1. Hello,

    I am interested to vectorize a picture of a friend ( will be a gift for her ) where should I send the pic ? How does it works ?

    Best regards

  2. I have some desiigns #3 and I need them for reproduction to be put on silver plates. Do you make a cd for the company to use?
    Thank you

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