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Here is a very complicated one with different elements of effects. This is a good example to see how close the vector image can be to an original in cases of this detail and types of effects. Please be aware that though the lightening and stars of shining light are in full vector, the glow effect in the background and reflected on the windshield have bitmap effects. Without the bitmap effects, the vector image would look sharper but farther from the original look.

Please specify if you need something done in full vector without bitmap effects. If you need something similar done, you should always get a quote and opinion first before proceeding. You can upload a quote for a speedy and efficient process here: Here (no account required).


Bird Bam


Here is a very detailed and complex piece of art. There are certain effects that cannot be recreated in the vector format, and so the artist has used effects that are available in the vector format and mimicked the effects to give a similar look and texture to it.

If you need something like this done, you can email us at or upload a quote request from this link: