Remember the Ice


Here is one that the original was sketched and inked. The vector version has more defining lines, looks professional, and is print friendly. Notice the faint gradients used to subtlety give the look and feel of the original image.

beforeafter rti1 remember the ice penguin

Designs of this complexity can be done for the standard $14. If you would like your artwork redrawn in the vector format please sign up for a free account and upload your file through the “Vectorizing” section on our website: CopyArtWork Signup Page


Chinese Club


Here is one of an inked drawing for a club poster design. The vector image is cleaner, sharper, and stands out more. It also has the advantage of being able to adjust colors as desired. This can come in handy for last minute changes on any given design.

beforeafter chinese club

You can email us the image if you are unsure if it would fall into the $18 category.

If you would like a quote, you can also upload one HERE. (No account necessary)