Sints Dragon


Another example of a drawing before and after it is vectorized. Notice how the colors are cleaned up in the final vector version. Since the drawing was done with clean lines, etc, the rest of the design remains almost identical.

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Swana Truck


We get a lot of requests for samples of trucks. Here is a good example of how a truck will look once vectorized. Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. almost always take longer than the usual amount of time to complete. Therefore, the quote will be higher than the usual easy/hard vector order.

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Bird Bam


Here is a very detailed and complex piece of art. There are certain effects that cannot be recreated in the vector format, and so the artist has used effects that are available in the vector format and mimicked the effects to give a similar look and texture to it.

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Here is an example of what a photo of a man would look as a detailed vector image. Kinda has a cool “Scanner Darkly” look to it.

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School Bus

This customer couldn’t find art close enough to what he needed, so he used our “Hand Drawn Illustrations” service. Jobs like these that only use instructions without sample images or sketches, rely on the artists style to create something unique and stylish.

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