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Strachan Crocodile


Look out! Here comes an alligator!…or is it a crocodile?… Actually, its just another vector conversion sample of a raster/bitmap image. The original has a 3D effect that cannot be recreated in the vector format. However, the artist can (as seen below) recreate the image with different shades of colors to give a similar look. Is it just me, or does the vector version look hungrier?…

If you need something with about as much detail vectorized, you should always get a quote and opinion first before proceeding.

You can upload a quote for a speedy and efficient process here: Here (no account required).

Haunted Skull Houses

Here are some more free vector images available for download. I call this one “Haunted Skull Houses”.

New Free Vector Files, and new “Music” category!!

We have added new “Free Vector Graphics” files available for download from our site, 100% free! We have also added a new category: “Music”
Please browse around and see if you can find anything you want!


Kind words from past customers.

We have have sent emails out to check on some customers who have used us a lot in the past but have not placed any recent orders. We were very touched by the kind words we got in response from most emails. We have just posted a bunch of them in our testimonials page:

Please take a look and leave a comment while you are there! (happy customers only! Just kidding…)

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How to know if your order went through in one second!

Ever click “Submit” to send your order off and wonder if it really went through or not? Well, there is a easy way to find out instantly:

Watch for a pop-up window right after clicking “Submit”. If you order went through, the pop-up window will have your order information (most importantly your order number). It will even tell you if your file didn’t upload correctly!

There are also other ways of finding out such as: checking your “Manage Jobs” section; getting your order confirmation email; and emailing us at to confirm.

Hope this helps some of you out there!