New Billing System

We have started a new billing system.   The process is really simple.  Place your order like you always do.  Now, we have added a feature that will allow you to make your payment immediately.  You will notice that there is a new button on your customer control panel that says “Billing”.  Upon clicking the button, you will see a list of the orders that you have made.  On the right side of the chart there is a make payment link.  Click that link to make your payment by following the steps in the PayPal website.

Payments using this method can only be made using the PayPal billing service.  You can still place orders and pay for them with your credit card, however, the payment will be completed at the end of the month using our normal billing system.  There are smiley face icons that indicate the payment status of each corresponding job so that you know which jobs have been paid for.

If you have any questions please feel free to give customer service a call at (909) 605-6878, or send them an e-mail to

Hello world!

Welcome to, the Official Blog of  This is the new a very much improved blog for Copyartwork.  We used to have our blog info at  A few weeks ago our account was deleted because they felt that we were only there to SPAM our company all across the internet.  This is not at all  the case.  We are excited about our company and our services.  We only use the blog to show people what we can do, explain how we operate, and maintain a personal relationship with our customers.  The BlogSpot review board did not cooperate with what we were trying to do, so they deleted our account and all of the work that was put into it.  In the end it has proven to work out better for us.  We have a brand new site that we can control.  We will be representing our company with only the best intentions for us and our customers.  There will be posts of our samples, explanations of our services, as well as information on any site changes or up coming events.  So please check back here for more information on the company and all of our doings.  Thanks!!