Newbern File Dept Patch


Having a picture or scan of a stitched-out patch redrawn in the vector format is another common request. Once the patch is vectorized, it can be screenprinted onto shirts, etc. This one is simple enough to have done for the standard $14, ones with a little more detail can be done for $18.

If you would like your artwork redrawn in the vector format please sign up for a free account and upload your file through the “Vectorizing” section on our website: CopyArtWork Signup Page

Flower Mound Firefighter


This one qualifies as an $18 hard order as it is harder than the normal easy logo, but can be done for less than the custom orders. Notice how the 3D graphics effect cannot be translated to vector, but it can be recreated to resemble the original and look like a painting compared to it.

You can email us the image if you are unsure if it would fall into the $18 category.

If you would like a quote, you can also upload one HERE. (No account necessary)