Copyartwork Video Ad in a video!

Mastodon Lazercats


Notice all the small detail and gradients used to recreate the complex artwork in this one. Though not every detail is the same as the original, the artist is able to use what is available in the vector format to recreate the look of the effects used in the original to create something that looks very close.


If you need something with about as much detail vectorized, you should always get a quote and opinion first before proceeding.

You can upload a quote for a speedy and efficient process here: Here (no account required).

Domen Strength


If an image has many different parts that have to be clipped, it is done for the “Hard” quote of $7. This picture has a person and also an exercise machine with many different parts that must be clipped in between. Take a look at our other samples to get a better idea for pricing.

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