Snowman Shirt


Happy holidays! Is everyone wearing their festive apparel this season? Below is a before and after sample of a shirt design redrawn in the vector format in black and white. This can be processed through our copy vector service simply by taking a picture of a shirt and uploading it through your account. We do the work, you relax and enjoy the holiday.

Designs of this complexity can be done for the standard $14. If you would like your artwork redrawn in the vector format please sign up for a free account and upload your file through the “Vectorizing” section on our website: CopyArtWork Signup Page

Domen Strength


If an image has many different parts that have to be clipped, it is done for the “Hard” quote of $7. This picture has a person and also an exercise machine with many different parts that must be clipped in between. Take a look at our other samples to get a better idea for pricing.

If you would like to get started on placing your orders on, you can sign-up for a free account HERE. Remember, your first file is free whether the complexity is easy, medium, or hard!

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