Bitmap in CorelDRAW

How to use bitmap in CorelDRAW

Bitmap in CorelDRAW. Send your bitmap into CorelDRAW via the Photo-paint application. From there you can redraw your bitmap into a more computer friendly version, where it can be reused for banners or business cards, and many other printing uses.

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Using CorelDRAW

Use CorelDRAW to add special effects and added vibrancy to your colors of the image in raster format. CorelDRAW has many easy to use tools to recreate your image. Convert a vector graphic or object to a bitmap, so you can apply special effects to the object with CorelDRAW. The process of converting a vector graphic to a bitmap is also known as “rasterizing”. When you convert the vector graphic, you can select the color mode of the bitmap.

Advantages of using Vector Art Files

Vector art files are mostly used for printing purposes due to their flexibility and characteristics. Vector format files can be resized to any desired size without pixelation or any other resolution related issues. This is due to it not being made of pixels like a JPG, but rather made from geometrical shapes and lines that make up the design. Another factor is that the colors can easily be changed. This helps printers adjust or limit the number of colors used. Vector files are also popular in use with vinyl cutting, engraving, and screen printing.

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