Compass Logo Embroidery Digitizing

Compass Logo Digitizing for Embroidery

For logo digitizing for embroidery it is crucial to create the punch file appropriately so that it sews properly to accent certain parts of the design. Logos are the symbol of a company, so you want it to look good even when embroidered. Using pull comp and stitch density properly will help ensure that certain points sew clean, which can make a big difference in the overall look of the logo. The sequencing and stitch type (such as satin stitch, running stitch, etc) can also greatly effect the impression the stitched logo an give.

Digitizing for the Right Feeling

As you can see this in one, it was digitized in a way where a lot of parts are very accurate to the original, while the left side has a gap in the original that the digitized file does not. While creating this small gap may be possible depending on the size it is done in, it is not necessarily important since this really gives the spirit of the original logo even without that gap. Creating the gap may even give it an undesirable look and feel. These are the types of things you must be aware of, and it comes with a lot of experience in the embroidery field.

How do I find the right embroidery digitizer for my design?

You can upload your order at, and they will automatically assign a digitizer who fits the project automatically, so you don’t have to try finding someone. Copyartwork’s artists are very experienced and can get that nuance needed for these types of files, for an affordable price.

How much does digitizing cost?

There are flat rates at, but typically if it is under 5.9″ in size it can be digitized for the flat rate of $30. This is a great price for a real digitizer to handle your design and make sure it is done right. Signup here:

Puff embroidery sample

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