Introducing the NEW APP

The APP is finally here! We have been working on this APP for a while now, and have wanted this for many years before that. The APP has been designed to make using your account as easy as possible, while utilizing the APP medium to integrate new ways for you to maneuver and control your account and artwork.

Straight to the point

Straight to the point, What is it?
This is an APP for your iPhone or Android device, which you can use to upload orders, corrections requests, reply to price changes, manage your account, etc, just as you would through the website! It has most everything that the website offers, plus a few other features!

Is it free?
Yes! The app is free and available on the app store. Simply download it on your phone, login to your account, and start using it!

Where do I go to download it?
Use the below links:
Or go to the app store on your phone, search for “”, and download/install the APP.

What features does it have aside from the regular mobile interface?

One of the main advantages of the APP is that you get push notifications on your phone when there is an update. This means when your order is complete, you will get a notification rather than having to check your email. Then, just download it directly from the APP itself!

Another advantage is that you can directly take pictures of the designs you want to upload on the order form. This means you don’t have to download heavy files to your phone, or take the pictures beforehand and try to find them later.

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