CopyArtwork Monthly Subscription

Save Money by using our Subscription service

We are happy to announce our Monthly Subscription for our in-houses services!

Our Monthly Subscription plan is a new way of doing business with us . We officially launch March 1st and giving our newsletter reader a preview of it.

Are you a client that spends over $400+ with us and place order daily? This program can save you $100s a monthly cost.

Are you tired of being requoting in vectorizing service and have delays, this program covers all artwork.

What’s different and What do I need to know.

One thing that won’t change is the quality of work and our excellent customer service. These orders will be run the same way as regular orders by the same artists and digitizers.  Here are some highlights:

  • No Contract or Commitment. 
  • The biggest difference is the PAYMENT is due PRIOR to the month start.
  • We have the same billing date as the regular month-end. (Usually the last business of the month.)
  • The plan comes with a certain amount of orders that can be placed per day and how many can be open.
  • It covers our vectorizing, digitizing, and separation service!
  • More details will be on the Monthly Subscription page on March 1st.

Open Slot Explanation:

The simple way to explain this if the order is not complete, It considers an open order and that slot is taken. Let run a real-world scenario. In this example this a new customer and his first day is Monday. and he is on the $299 package.. 1 daily, 2 open slots

On Monday, the customer places 1 orders. This will fill the 1 day and 1 open status. This order will have a 1 day NORMAL turnaround.

*If the customer tries to place another order on Monday, he will be stopped because he fulfilled the daily requirement. The customer will receive an error message in the upload form.

On Tuesday morning the customer tries to place another order BEFORE the Monday order is done. The customer can because he/she has the daily opening and 1 open orders slot.

Tuesday order was emailed back to the customer letting them that its is a 4-day turnaround.

So right now the fulfilled his daily and has 2 open order slots filled

On Wednesday, Since Monday order was complete on Tuesday. The customer does have their 1 daily and 1 open order slot filled.

The order that the customer places on Wednesday was given a 5-day turnaround.

On Thursday, The customer tries to place an order but he/she can’t. The customer does have a daily slot open but can’t place the order because Tuesday and Wednesday are not complete and the open order slot is not open.

Tuesday order is not going to be done until Saturday and Wednesday order not until Sunday.

So once the order is in a complete status on Saturday, after that the customer will be allowed to place an another Monthly Subscription order.

The customer can place an order using our regular service but it will be a charge to an additional to their Monthly Subscription charge. The customer will need to pick other pricing option on the upload form.

If you interested in this program please call us 909-605-6887 or email us [email protected] We will be more than happy to answer your questions