CoronaVirus Shop Status

Still Open.. and grinding away for you. CoronaVirus Shop Status

CoronaVirus Shop Status:

Dear Clients,

As of now, we have orders from different printers that are staying open supporting their local police and fire, US Marshals, and their local hospitals and we plan to help them with their artwork needs. We plan to help in any way we can by staying open and supporting those printers.

On 3/19/20, California Governor Newsom, has made a voluntary stay at home notice. It is a voluntary compliance and not an official shut down order. Most employees are working remotely and some staff are working on location at our office. We are a very small group of employees and we are following safety guidelines properly. All of our employees do not deal with the customers face-to-face. We are planning on staying open throughout this crisis.

As long as the government order is not mandatory, and we are not breaking any laws, we will continue to conduct business at our office.

Our volunteer program has been set up to all our current employees, meaning those who want to stay home, can stay home, and those employees who want to come in, can come in. We are doing our best to protect our employees and help them economically.

While the customer service hours have been reduced, rest assure we are working on your artwork files 24/7. Please send us an email or call us, we are still here for you.

Please stay safe and we will make it through this crisis stronger and better.

Thank you

Rick H
CEO, J6D inc

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