CoronaVirus Shut Down

Time to keep busy and creative. CoronaVirus Shut Down

CoronaVirus Shut Down. works with 100s of printers and embroiders daily. We are hearing it from everyone nationwide how bad this CoronaVirus is hurting us. Small businesses are the core of our industry. There are some big players but most of our customers are Mom and Pop shops that are feeling the squeeze of “no customer orders” and “their bill still being due”.  We hope you stay safe and are able to ride out this terrible storm. We are thinking of you and we hope we see you on the other side of the business fence. 

The Situation.

First, for the next couple weeks (we hope that is all), a lot of us going to be shut down or slow, due to this CoronaVirus craziness. There many be outside factors that are outside of our control, and it’s increasing hour by hour. It’s scary out there, but we need to keep our heads clear.

Second, we are hoping once this slow time is over,  it will be “Business Time” again. We think that it’s going to come hard and quick. So be ready.

Third, take advantage of this dead time and do all the small things we ignore, or walk by, in our daily lives. A busy mind is healthy mind. Here is a small list things we are doing in our shop, and maybe this can help you do things that don’t cost a lot of money.

The List:

  • 1. Time to update your logo – If you need help we are here for you. (Vectorizing or Freelancer Services)
  • 2. Review your website and see if everything is update to date. Sometimes things get outdated quick.
  • 3. Get a new business card design. Business cards are cheap to do and give you a quick up-to-date look.
  • 4. If you are a screen printer, time to file those films away properly instead of leaving that big pile on the light table.
  • 5.  If you are an embroider, time to put those threads back in the right spots. Maybe go back and reorganize things the way you wanted.
  • 6. Update your thread book with color you have. Highlight the information.
  • 7. Try Its a cheap plug, but its FREE!! Maybe its time to streamline your business. 
  • 8. Try, another cheap plug, but the first clipping job is FREE!!

Some more

  • 9. Go over your paper printed stuff. PO, Work Orders, Box Labels, and get a new design done. If money is tight just have the NEW design ready for when you want to print it. 
  • 10. Print, Embroider, Screen Print your stuff. If you have extra apparel, paper, vinyl rolls, lying use them for future marketing 
  • 11. Make sure your catalogs are up to date and remove all the old ones. 
  • 12. Dust off the dark corners in your shop that always get ignored. 
  • 13. Do a quick IKEA run and update the office with a new look. Sometimes a new office look will get your creative juices going.
  • 14. Check out our Post for more ideals.

The list goes on…

  • 15. Go through old clients list that hasn’t place an order in awhile and reach out to them and say Hi!
  • 16. Clean up that Desktop, no ones needs that many files there
  • 17. Reorganize your files in your digital storage – Do that Cloud back up you always wanted to do. Google Drive is pretty cheap and easy.
  • 18. Update to date your proof layout template
  • 19. Taxes – Look for any missing deduction that you might have missed.
  • 20. Update an email template you use
  • 21. Look into updating that one thing you always wanted to get to but didn’t have a chance or time too. that broken pallet, changing the needles out, the shop light that always blinks.

A few more

  • 22. Clean your desk out. Reach out to the back and take those weird stuff that is not needed.
  • 23. Screen printer- mixed similar ink colors that not being used and create a new color for your shirts. Might not be exactly the color you want but it save you material cost.
  • 24. Talk to your employees and let them what is going on. This is not the time to hold things to close to your chest.
  • 25.Start thinking of your new marketing strategy. Get a game plan built. Don’t sent it but have it ready for later.
  • 26. Mess with a new software. (Graphic, Accounting, WMJ) Sometimes we get use to using the same software daily that introducing a new software is scary but most software companies have free trials.