Falcons Logo Embroidery Digitizing

Falcons Logo Embroidery Digitizing

Falcons Logo Embroidery Digitizing
Sports logos are popular for embroidery digitizing. They are used for stitching on garments such as sports jackets, polo shirts, jerseys, shorts, uniforms, caps, etc. A logo is the face of an organization, in this case the team, so it is important that it looks sharp and looks good. While printing a logo typically won’t have issues translating from the original, embroidery can have some complications depending on the style and elements of the logo.

Falcons Digitizing

Getting the Digitizing Right

The digitizing is crucial for a logo to sew out well. As you can see in the above logo, there is a gradient in the original. Our skilled digitizer has translated this in the embroidery format. The digitized image sets up the gradient in a way that will sew out well. It is also set up to express the spirit of the original image. You will also notice the running stitch outline on the “FALCONS” wording. Running stitch is a bit subjective as to whether it looks good or not. It is also necessary to use in the case that the digitizing is too small of a size to use satin stitch instead. Working with the digitizer is important, which is why Copyartwork is a great choice! They have real people creating these files, who you can talk to to get what you need and want.

How to find the best digitizer

The beauty of using Copyartwork.com for your digitizing is the digitizing department will automatically find the best digitizer for your job and assign them for you. And if you need any adjustments or corrections, copyartwork will do them all for no additional charge until you are happy with your file. Email, call, or chat with customer service during business hours, they are very responsive compared to other companies. You can’t beat that service!

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More Examples

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