Happy 4th of July 2022

Happy 4th of July 2022 (Independence Day 2022)

Happy 4th of July! We at Copyartwork.com would love to wish our fellow American’s a happy Independence Day. It has been a couple tough years, but we are pulling through together. Please have a happy and safe celebration on this day, and celebrate our unique freedom.

The 5 Freedoms Protected by the First Amendment

The USA is unique in the freedoms the people have due to the constitution and especially the first amendment. The 5 freedoms protected by the first amendment are:

  • Speech
  • Religion
  • Press
  • Assembly
  • Right to Petition the Government

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech protected in the first amendment, but how?

Protected Speech:
  • Freedom to not speak, such as the right to not salute the flag
  • Freedom to protest Government choices, such as a war
  • Freedom to use offensive words and phrases
Non-Protected Speech:
  • To incite illegal action
  • To make or distribute obscene materials
  • To burn draft cards in protest
  • To permit students to print articles in school newspaper against school administration
  • To advocate illegal drug use at school-sponsored event
USA Flag
Free USA Flag Vector File

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