Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays vector graphics from Everyone at Copyartwork.com

Happy Holidays vector graphics. We hope everyone is having a happy holiday and that next year is much better than this one. This has been a tough year for many businesses due to the worldwide virus. We would like to send our best wishes to everyone, we will get through this together.

Holiday Backdrop Vector

Here is another before and after sample of a holiday backdrop that has been redrawn by one of our artists here at copyartwork.com. Recreations of designs like this can be almost identical to the original as it is using simple gradients for the most part.

Vector before and after redraw

Click on the sample image above and take a close look. The snowflakes have a lot of detail, but since they are just objects without special effects, the artist was able to trace them in the vector program without issue. The background also has a simple gradient and some leaf silhouettes that were recreated as seen. With our vectorizing service you can simply have an image redrawn in vector format, or have alterations made. Tell the artist you want wording added in a festive font, they can do that for you! Tell the artist you want certain object moved around, or give us a new image you want added to the current one. Customize it as needed to make something that works for your needs.

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More holiday samples

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