Happy Independence Day 2020

Happy Independence Day 2020 Free American flag vector file.

Happy Independence Day 2020 Let your freedom fly, and share your love of old glory! Sometimes you just need a plain graphic of the USA. We offer this image free, both in raster and vector formats for your convenience. Let us celebrate our country proudly with a clean flag image for all Americans to see.

Cool USA Flag Facts

Did you know there have been 27 versions of the US flag? Starting from the first from 1777, a new one was born each time a new state was added to the union. The current one has been the same for over 50 years.

Each color is a symbol for different things. Red: hardiness and valor. White: purity and innocence. Blue: vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

There are 6 American flags currently on the moon. Since the initial Apollo 11, there have been 5 more moon landings that resulted in the placement of the flag of the US of A!

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