Hire a Freelancer

Copyartwork.com offer “Hire a Freelancer” program for all your design

We’ve been working hard on updating the website with new features and services. 2020 is going to be a big year for CopyArtwork.com. Along with our vectorizing, digitizing, separations, we normal doing house. We have updated out Hand Drawn Illustration service and offering new services that an independent artist can help you with. We change to “Hire a Freelancer” to display the numerous of services we are offering now.

Copyartwork.com offer “Hire a Freelancer” program for all your design needs. Upload a job and we can handle the rest. No overseas drama or miscommunication.

New Name, More Options -Hire a Freelancer

In 2012, we launched a “Hand Drawn Illustrations” program where you can hire an independent designer. Over the years, many of our customers have hired artists to help them with their projects. We are happy to announce that we are expanding our services and changed the name to “Hire a Freelancer”, to display of the broad selection of services we are now offering through that service.

What’s is the difference between our in-house services (I.E. vectorize, digitizing, and separation) and “Hire a Freelancer” program? Those services won’t be offered in our “Hire in a Freelancer” program since the freelancers would not be able to match the low prices we offer for vectorizing, digitizing, and separations.

Beyond Vector and Embroidery Files

What we offer now, beyond our normal in-house services, we are now offering logo designs, brand style guidelines, business card layouts, flyer design, and video intro and outro services. This is just a small list of what we can offer now. Please check out our “Hire a Freelancer” page for more info.

How it works – We stay by you.

Things to know: We work differently compared to other independent agencies. We will give you a couple of bids and work directly with you and your artist to get you better communication and the best results. As the service expands and grows, will have additional updates and changes to the program, to streamline services and give you a better customer experience!