Hut on the Beach Photo Vector

Hut on the Beach Photo Vector

Take a look at this Hut on the Beach Photo Vector sample. Sit back and relax as you take in the view. We redrew this vector with minimal detail in most areas, while still giving the overall tropical feel of the original image. The texture of the sky and calming colors are so effective that you can almost feel the cool breeze and smell salty aroma of the sea. At a glance it would seem that there is a lot of detail in the grass roof of the hut. But look closer and you will see that it actually has a green base with fewer grass strands than you would expect. See that it is giving the proper look needed for this image. The sky is the most complex and detailed in the image, being done with a combination of layers of varying shades of colors rather than using gradients. Since gradients in vector typically have limited shaping capabilities it would not give the same look as layering multiple objects like what is done in this vector.

Photo to Vector of Photographic Views

Photo to Vector of photographic views like this one require an artist who really what they are doing. This means an artist who can recreate the photo in a way that expresses the desired look. And it does not make it too detailed to use for whatever process it will be utilized for. Examples would be printing, DTG, engraving, etc. Also, it helps to keep the cost and the turnaround times down.

How to get a vector image of a photo

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