Land Cruiser Jeep Vector

Land Cruiser Jeep Vector. This is a vehicle vector redraw image from what appears to be a plastic model box cover. As you can see, a simple picture of an image like this is enough for our artists to recreate in a vector program.

How high of resolution/clarity does the original have to be? Land Cruiser Jeep Vector

The vector art department is full of artists redrawing designs by hand in the vector program. So a simple picture from your phone is often clear enough to be recreated from. Though this would depend on the image. Simply look at the image and see if any necessary detail is clear to determine if it would be good enough resolution.

The translation to vector

We drew the vector file with enough detail to distinguish the vehicle as the actual make and model, without a lot of small detail that would muck up the look. It also helps to not make printing a hassle. This can also be adjusted through your instructions to the artist.

Get a graphic in vector

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Another Sample

Click here to see a high detail vehicle vector sample: