List of Services in Hire a FreeLancers

Here is a list of our services we are offering in our new Hire A Freelancers services.

Logo Design

Need help designing your new logo? Our freelancer can make your vision come to life! Your logo is your first introduction to new potential clients. We strive to make it your best!

Brand Style Guides

Tired of getting six different shades of red from different vendors? We’ll help make your brand style guides so it’s on point every time when followed correctly.

Business Card/ Stationery Designs

Do you need your new business card design? We can do that for you! Let us design it and you send it off to your printer immediately.

Illustration Designs

Do you need something hand drawn for a project? Need a monkey riding a motorcycle drinking an iced tea? We got you! Our illustrator can draw you up exactly what you are looking for.

Tattoo Designs

Have an idea for a tattoo and want it to get drawn on your timeline? Let us draw up next tat and make sure it done right. We can make sure there is no rush to get you on the tat table.

Portrait/ Caricatures Designs

You need a selfie the old fashioned way? We can draw you in different styles for whatever purpose you need!

Cartoon & Comics Designs

Have an idea for a comic book? Need a small cartoon draw for work purposes? Need to present an idea for fellow employees? Cartoons are a great way to do that! Contact one of our independent artists to help you bring your comics to life.

Storyboards Designs

Need to convey a storyboard for an idea or presentation? We can draw up a storyboard so your idea flows as a comprehensive structure.

Flyers Designs

Do you need a flyer for your business? Tell us the size and information and we can design a flyer you would be proud of passing out.


We can design your bi-fold or tri-fold brochures for the services you do. Let us help you draw up ideas and be ready to send off to the printer.

Posters Designs

Need impact statement? Get one with Poster size graphics and design! We help you design a powerful and impactful message for your customers and clients that will surely create buzz!

Catalogs Designs

Need to make a catalog of your product and service you have? We can make that for you! It can be digital or ready for print or both! Display your idea on your website with a digital PDF catalog.

Menus Designs

Opening a restaurant and need a menu that will dazzle and entice your potential customers? Like all the old saying goes, “we eat with our eyes first” so let us help you create that menu graphic design catches their appetit!

Postcards Designs

Have a mailing campaign that needs some postcards designs? We create eye catching graphics to make sure they are thrown not away with the rest of those mailers. Our designer knows what works best to grab people’s attention!

Invitations Designs

For that special date, we can create a special invitation that will be memorable. You might have too many things going on, let us help you create a perfect invitation and get that one thing off your shoulders.

Book/Album Covers Designs

Written the perfect story or made the album you always wanted to create? Now you need to let the world know about it! Let our designer help you with creating a design that will surely grab people’s attention to your project.

Podcast Cover Art Designs

Have a podcast and need to grab more listeners? Let us create the perfect cover that helps you on that! The perfect Podcast cover can stop users from scrolling down the menu and check your podcast out.

Packaging Design

You made that perfect product, years in development, tons of money out but nothing in yet. Now it’s time to design the perfect package to let the world know what your product is about now!! Let one of our independent artists help you design packaging that will attract customers.

Car Wraps Designs

You and your team drive around town all day. You are letting the opportunity go daily without advertising on your vehicles! We can get your message across with you doing anything else but just driving around the town!

T-shirts Designs

It’s time to put your band, clothing line, school, store logo on shirts. We love doing this! Our designers create shirt designs daily and have tons of experience in this area. We can create a design that you will be proud of wearing any time of the day.

Promotional Designs

Need a design for your mugs, pens or anything you can think of printing? We make sure it’s beyond the normal logo or name on it. We can design something that will help stay on people’s desks and use daily!