Mexican Restaurant Vector Sign

Mexican Restaurant Vector Sign – Casa Del Rio

This picture of a Mexican Restaurant sign has been recreated in vector format to clean it up and make it an easy to use format for printing purposes. In the original image, the small detail is not clear due to the low resolution image and blur caused by the hand held camera shake. Regardless, the artist was able to recreate it with what detail can be seen, and use some creativity to complete parts that are not as clear. The important thing with redraws like this is that the completed image has the right look and style that was intended in the original sign. Since it is being vectorized by a real artist by hand, the customer could even request changes if needed. Such as: wording changes; moving elements around; and even adding color.

Advantages of Vector Images

The main advantage of having an image in vector format is that the image is comprised of vector lines and shapes rather than pixels. This means that since it is not made up of a bunch of dots, it can be re-scaled to any desired size without the worry that it will pixelate or get blurry. The vector lines and objects are also very easy to manipulate and adjust if needed when editing the file. The vector format is one of the most print friendly file types there is, because the colors can easily be identified and changed as needed for various printing implementations.

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