Samples- Embroidery Digitizing

Here is a sample of exactly what to expect when placing an order for Embroidery Digitizing.

First you send us the .jpeg of the file that you need digitized.

And in return you will receive a zipped file folder with different files in it.  One file will be the digitized file that you will need to use with the embroidery machine.  Other files include a scanned image of the sew out that we have done using your file.  We send you this as assurance that the file will work properly for you.  That image will look like this:

Also, you will receive a .PDF file that shows all of the specifics of the completed digitized image.  It show: dimensions, colors and color quantity, and other information needed to properly use the digitized file on the embroidery machine.

This particular sample is a $40 embroidery digitizing job.