Sexy American Vintage

Sexy American Vintage Girl Print

Here is an image that has been separated by one of our separations artists. This was done as a simulated process separation, which uses elliptical halftones that overlap and create a variation of colors using only a few. For this reason, simulated process separations would have a different number of colors, and different types of colors, depending on the image itself. You would need to consult with the separations artist on what colors it would come out to.

Using Simulated Process Separations

One of the advantages to using simulated process separations is that the artwork would not have to be in the vector format. This means you can have more complex and detailed designs like the above one and maintain the look of it. Note that the vintage distorted look is from the original design and not a result of separations. Redrawing something like this in vector format would not maintain the exact look and detail of the original. This makes it a great candidate for simulated process, because it doesn’t have to be vectorized. You want to keep that look for designs like this, as the style is everything.

How to know if a design would work for simulated process?

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about your design.
You can ask the separations artist if your artwork is high enough resolution at the size you would like to print, how many colors it would come out to, and other technical screen printing questions.

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