Haunted Skull Houses

Here are some more free vector images available for download. I call this one “Haunted Skull Houses”. http://www.copyartwork.com/free-vector-files.php?category&name=enter+keyword+here&order_by=name&x=20&y=1

New Free Vector Files, and new “Music” category!!

We have added new “Free Vector Graphics” files available for download from our site, 100% free! We have also added a new category: “Music”
Please browse around and see if you can find anything you want!


Kind words from past customers.

We have have sent emails out to check on some customers who have used us a lot in the past but have not placed any recent orders. We were very touched by the kind words we got in response from most emails. We have just posted a bunch of them in our testimonials page: https://www.copyartwork.com/testimonials.php?webLang=Copy

Please take a look and leave a comment while you are there! (happy customers only! Just kidding…)

You can also email us with any questions here: info@copyartwork.com

How to know if your order went through in one second!

Ever click “Submit” to send your order off and wonder if it really went through or not? Well, there is a easy way to find out instantly:

Watch for a pop-up window right after clicking “Submit”. If you order went through, the pop-up window will have your order information (most importantly your order number). It will even tell you if your file didn’t upload correctly!

There are also other ways of finding out such as: checking your “Manage Jobs” section; getting your order confirmation email; and emailing us at info@copyartwork.com to confirm.

Hope this helps some of you out there!

New Copyartwork.com site feature: “Free Vector Files”!!

Our new feature is now set up. We have vector files you can download 100% free. You don’t even need an account, so spread the word for anyone who would like to pick up some free vector files. 

They are categorized and are easy to view with jpg previews of the vector file next to the download button.

New files vectorized by us will be uploaded a couple times a week, so please keep a look out at least once a week.

Link to free vector files page:

Tax season tips! Utilize our “Billing” section to get the info you need for taxes!

It’s the time of the year to do taxes again.
At copyartwork.com we have set up a section on the website for each account called the “Billing” section, which will have all your order charges listed in chronological order to make calculation simple as possible. 

You will find the “Billing” section in the “Control Panel” after you login to your account on copyartwork.com. Let us know if you have trouble locating it: info@copyartwork.com




Our artists are very talented, and can mimic talent as seen below. Though the vector version does not contain the detail the original has, it is cleaner and ready for applications such as printing. And as you can tell, it looks very close to the complex original.

This is an especially difficult one, and the quote price for jobs of this detail are much higher as it takes the artist longer to recreate.

If you would like a quote for your artwork, no mater the complexity, please upload a quote request Here (no account required).

Clipping Path Services

Another website that operates under J6 Inc.,  is TheClippingPath.com.  The name pretty much speaks for itself, but in case you couldn’t tell, the website offers clippingpath services.  We offer different rates based on: complexity, quantity, and preciseness.  You can choose just how detailed and exact you want your image clipped.  You can view the pricing on the website and decide how you would like to place your order.  You can also view some samples of previous work so that you can be assured of only the best quality.

New Competition.

Recently, there have been a lot of new vectorization companies trying to make their way into the industry.  Most, if not all, of these companies are coming from other countries.  I would like to make it known that Copyartwork.com is an American company.  We are located in Southern California, in the city of Ontario.  Click this link to view the Top 10 reasons to use Copyartwork.com instead of these new companies.

Same Day Embroidery Digitizing

Now Offering Same Day Digitizing for Embroidery Services!

If you would like to submit a same-day digitizing for embroidery quote request, please email us at info@copyartwork.com. This service is available from 8AM to 2PM PST. Do NOT upload it as an order on the website or else it will not be considered a “Same-Day” service.

In your email, please include the following information so that we can provide quotes accurately:

  1. Desired file format
  2. Version of file
  3. What the design is for (hats/caps, t-shirts, etc.)
  4. What size you need it in (width or height)

*Please note that we are currently not offering same-day digitizing for embroidery for jacket back design sizes. Also, this service is only available from 8AM to 2PM Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you!

CopyArtwork Customer Service