Here is an example of a detailed black and white “Photo to vector” conversion of a person (in this case “Teddy”). Notice the unique look of vector art of human beings. Stylistic and manageable for various implementations.

If you need something with about as much detail vectorized, you should always get a quote and opinion first before proceeding.

You can upload a quote for a speedy and efficient process here: Here (no account required).

Moodie Truck


This truck was redrawn as line art in the vector format using Corel Draw. Trucks and people’s faces are 2 common subjects for “redraw in line art” requests here at Notice the clean straight lines, and the simple yet detailed tires. The same can also be done in Adobe Illustrator, and saved in the desired format.

If you have a photograph (of a person or otherwise) that you would like to get vectorized it is always best to get a quote first.

You can upload a quote for a speedy and efficient process here: Here (no account required). You can also email us with any questions:

Comedy Joust


This one was vectorized from a sketch and had a metallic looking grey gradient added for effect. The sketch look has been cleaned up and it is set-up to for printing applications. The vector image is sharper and over all more professional-looking.

You can email us the image if you are unsure if it would fall into the $18 category.

If you would like a quote, you can also upload one HERE. (No account necessary)

School Bus

This customer couldn’t find art close enough to what he needed, so he used our “Hand Drawn Illustrations” service. Jobs like these that only use instructions without sample images or sketches, rely on the artists style to create something unique and stylish.

For anyone in need of original vector artwork, please sign up for a free account at our website ( and upload a “Hand Drawn Illustrations” quote request.

For more information regarding our “Hand Drawn Illustrations” service, please visit this page: