Paint Supplies Photo to Vector

Paint Supplies Photo to Vector

Below is a photo to vector sample of a paint supplies photograph. We have listed the pros and cons to having a photograph converted to vector below.


First, as with all vector files, the vector image is is print friendly. We set-up the vector file up with the colors and objects separately, which is especially important when screen printing. Second, we can enlarge it to any desired size without pixelation as it is not made of pixels. Third, it is very clean and clear, as is the nature of vector. Finally, recreating a photo realistic image in a vector program can give it a graphic look. People often desire this for many types of designs, for example racing tees.


The biggest con to vectorizing a photo is that it will lose detail, and not look exactly the same as the original image. This is also true of certain designs regardless if they are detailed as a photo. There are limitations on what effects can be recreated in a vector program. Basically, you can use gradients and a combination of those different gradients to match the original image. This can sometimes create a design that is identical, and sometimes will not have the same look. At the very least, the same “feel” as the original design.

paint supplies photo to vector sample

Advantages to Having a Real Artist Create your Vector

Have you ever tried an automatic vector converting program or website? It is fine at a glance, or for personal projects, but not so much for business. If you want an image recreated professionally because it is your company logo, or because you are using that for a job, you want a real artist handling it. The main reason for this is how clean and sharp the vector image is when redrawn by an experienced artist. Another reason is because a real person is flexible, in case you want to go another direction with the vector. A real artist can make changes, such as with lettering, or placement of objects.

How to Convert my Photo to Vector

Get a quote from our art department to have your photo redrawn in vector format here:

Other Photo-to-Vector Samples

Here is a fantastic redraw of a photograph of a building: