Tattoo Sketch Vector Redraw

Tattoo Sketch Vector Redraw

Tattoo Sketch Vector Redraw. This is a tattoo concept sketch that has been vectorized through our artwork vectorizing services. We can recreate the sketch in a simplified vector without compromising the look and feel of the original design. Our vector artists are very skilled when it comes to recreating designs that are in different formats and styles. The way the artist has combined clean lines and uneven lines to create a vector that has the overall feel of the original is very impressive. Since it is a vector file, we can easily make changes to the vector file also depending on the customer’s needs and taste.

tattoo sketch

Why Vectorize an Image?

You may be wondering why someone would want to have the design vectorized in the first place if it will make it look different. While there are many reasons, one of the most common would be that the original image is not clear or clean enough to print effectively. Many printing processes require images to be a certain resolution, or even in vector format which does not have resolution, in order to print it. Another reason would be that they prefer the clean look of the vector redraw image to the crude original. This is especially true if the design or logo is being used for a professional purpose.

There are other purposes too, but if you are not sure if you need a vector file or not there is one sure way to tell. Just contact the person who will be using your design and ask them what format they require the design file to be in.

Vector Pricing

The price for vectorizing at would depend on the image. You can see our gallery page to get an idea for printing here:

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