RGX Gaming Logo Digitizing

Embroidery of small detail in Gaming Logo Digitizing

There are limitations of how much detail you can get into a certain area when it comes to digitizing for embroidery purposes. Depending on the size the image will be stitches out, the digitizing needs to be done a certain way to get the look and integrity of the original image. The digitizer did this one a little over 2 inches in size. Work with us and our artist’s to ensure you get the design looking good from the get-go. Gaming Logo Digitizing sample here:

Digitizing by skilled artists

Our digitizers have the skill and experience (over 15 years worth!) to not only recreate designs like Gaming Logo Digitizing etc. in the popular embroidery digitizing program Wilcom, but also the know-how to do it in a way that will look good graphically. The artist will make your artist look good by using satin stitch in places like certain outlines, and tatami fill stitch in other places. Also, you can’t know how this will look at what size. So we can step in and help with that. You tell us what size you want it, and then we figure out how to do that. We will get it done!

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Have your artwork digitized by professionals

First, you can upload an order in seconds on our easy-to-use website. Second, you can check on your order in the “Manage Files” section, or by emailing us at [email protected]. In addition to that you can upload a correction request which goes straight to the artist in case you need any corrections or adjustments. Finally, the artist uploads the file to your account online and sends an email to you with a link you can download it from for your convenience.