Baseball Puff Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing set up for puff embroidery

Our digitizers can handle puff digitizing

We can set up digitizing for puff embroidery! Our digitizers know how to properly set up digitizing to work for 3D puff embroidery, and advise if a certain part of the design won’t work at the requested size. There is a limit to how far apart the stitching can be in order to work for 3D foam embroidery. Too far, and the foam starts showing through the stitching. You need digitizers who know what that limit is, and various other things to predict crappy stitching and avoid a bad sew out.

Get 3D digitizing done easily and quickly

At you can simply state that you need 3D puff, and where on the design you would like the puff set up, on our digitizing form. You can also give other instructions in the “instructions” box on the order form, for all kinds of special requests. Our artists are skilled and can help you achieve the effect you are looking for, and can even advise you if you have any questions with a simple email to us.

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