Butterflies JPG Vector Artwork

Custom Butterflies Gust

The original JPG for this one has photoshop effects which cannot be replicated in the vector format. So the artist has used bitmap effects to to give the image a softer look, and to make it look closer to the original. Note that all the small detail has been done in Illustrator by hand, and this type of design will cost more than the standard $14 (we always quote you if the price will be higher than standard, and wait for your approval before proceeding).

If you need something with about as much detail vectorized, you should always get a quote and opinion first before proceeding. custom jobs vary in price range due to their level of complexity you should always weigh your design options how much customization you’re looking and you should always look into getting a quote If you would like a quote for your artwork, no matter the level of complexity, please upload a quote request Here (we require no account for this service).

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Also, f you do not know exactly how you would like your logo to look, but you have a good idea that requires some creative input, we also have a service for that: Hand Drawn Illustrations Service Info Page

You can find other photo-to-vector samples here on the blog. Please browse through our website to take a look at different photos and drawings we can and have done before and get an idea of how they turnout.